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Sunday Breakfast at Friends Café

Monday, January 28th, 2008

The Friends Café in Levenshulme

There are a number of eateries in Levenshulme. But when it comes to Sunday breakfast my firm favourite is Friends Café on Stockport Road. It’s particularly good if you have guests staying and don’t feel like serving up a mountain of toast. Or (and this is probably just me) for when the cat has peed in the toaster.

Like many establishments in Levenshulme the decor is eclectic. This is what I love most about it. You’ll find no showy abstracts here. Instead the walls are adorned with black and while photos of a bygone Levenshulme. These are unusually interspersed with African masks and wooden ornaments.

The tables don’t quite match but they’re clean and well tended by affable staff. Along one side of the room there’s a breakfast bar with modern, shiny stools. It’s strange how they don’t clash with the old fashioned glass fridge over in the corner. But somehow it all seems to work. Even the flowers are a quirky mixture of those long curly stems and carnations.

The food is good, the portions generous and the prices fair. And when your tea arrives it is served in a cup and not a glass.

And best of all, there’s not a three-wheel trolley in sight.


Thursday, December 6th, 2007

VIP pass

I’ve had two disappointments recently.  Not on a grand scale, you understand.  Just trivial things.

The first one was connected with Krispy Kremes.  Now I’ve never been a big fan of donuts but I’ve heard so much about these mystical ’delicacies’ through US TV and from other people, that I’d built them up to almost epic proportions.  And I was really excited when Lord Levy brought some back from London with him.  We brewed up and carefully opened the fancy box.  You can imagine my disappointment to learn that they’re just – well donuts.  Not dissimilar to those you can buy on Llandudno Pier.

My second disappointment was a VIP party.  We were recently given VIP passes and invited to an event and after show party.  (This probably makes us sound much more exciting and interesting than we actually are.)  Now I’ve never been to a VIP party before and so again, I’d built it up a bit.

During the interval we flashed our ‘VIP’ badges, cut through the crowd queuing for alcopops in plastic glasses and made our way to the VIP bar.  I had visions of leather sofas, swanky decor and table service.  You can imagine my surprise when we opened the door to a ‘rec room’ with Coronation Street playing in the background. Oh well.

Domestic Bliss

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

We went to bed on Sunday night, read for a little while (ooh read The Book Thief by by Markus Zusak, it’s narrated by death and is a really good read) and then dozed off. We were jolted awake at midnight by the burglar alarm going off. Not something you want to hear in the middle of the night in Levenshulme. I tried to turn the lamp on and realised that it was another power cut. This is the second one in the last few months.

The problem is that when the power cuts out there’s no way to turn off the alarm without removing the fuse. So for the next 40 minutes we (well, Lord Levy) fiddled around in the cellar trying to turn the thing off. I sat in the back room with Tori (who was whipped up into a state of excitement at the impromptu night goings-on) and Blos who had just received her flea treatment and just wanted a kip.

Finally we got back into bed but I couldn’t sleep with all the alarms going off and Lord Levy snoring like a broken bagpipe. It was not a lighthearted Monday morning.

Lovely Levenshulme

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Lovely Levenshulme Postcard 

This postcard was doing the rounds a little while ago.  It came to me courtesy of DJ Spiderman.

I was gutted when Bobby Dazzler closed.  No more kitsch ornaments – the funniest one I saw was an Olympic Torch, complete with moving fabric flame :-)   There’s a brand new pound shop in its place, complete with shiny windows and new shelves but it’s not the same, somehow.  Oh well.


Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Take-Away Menu

This is from a take-away menu that was pushed through our letterbox the other day.  The thing that cracks me up is the offer of a packet of cigarettes with every order over £15.  Not sure what this says about the food.  And just to put the top hat on it, the offer has been crossed out, as if to say, ‘This is what you could’ve won’.